Healing Sessions

With Ken Graydon

The purpose of Regeneration Healing is to provide opportunities and the space for healing to happen.  Practitioners use, as a basis, the book 'Healing - The Handbook'.  With training and experience they enlarge upon and intuit processes of their own.  We have incorporated much of the truth found in the Jane Roberts books of Seth's revelations, because they have given such excellent results.  This material has allowed us to develp trust in the processes for its simplicity, common sense and amazing outcomes.

We believe in the power of the present moment which enables us to intend, with sounds expectations, that healing can happen right now, if the client is ready to accept it.  Client freewill presents the only limitations in a healing encounter.  We work with the philosophy that 'time is an illusion', so everything is happening in this moment which allows a freedom in our healing work that is a source of gratitude and appreciation.

We have added, before each healing session, that we have a process to enhance each client's level of consciousness.  This process draws upon David Hawkin's 'Scale of consciousness' as a measurement and means that if a client has a higher consciousness they are able to accept quicker and more completer healing results and accept less distractions.

Healing sessions, which are intended for each specific client, can be offered remotely anywhere in the world where there is an internet connection.  If you are intending to have a healing session with Ken Graydon, at his home near Mandurah, Western Australia please make contact through email (ken.healer@gmail.com) or phone within Australia 0414 329 430 to make an appointment.

Anticipate a rewarding healing adventure.

What happens in a remote healing session?

When you request a remot healing session, you activate a range of actions designed to bring about your best possible outcome.

You are asked to decide the day and time of your healing session, (he first session, if you are having multiple sessions), as a clear sign to the Creator of the actual time you have decided to accept your complete healing.

Preferably you will allow two or three days between you making the request and date you choose for the healing, so that your processes can be intuited and sent to you.

How much healing you accept is entirely your decision.  Your freewill is never compromised.

In co-operation with the spiritual entities int he Temple of Regeneration Healing, we prepare the written process that you will be aksed to read aloud at the time you have chose for the healing session.

Reading aloud includes all of your senses in the healing adventure.  You may be given some acts of preparation to use before the healing session.  These may include drinking 'blessed' water, visualisations while showering, setting up an Acceptance Table or something specific to your situation.

Each healing is unique, there is no 'one size fits all' category.  You will be encouraged to use your imagination, allow your 'inner healer' and spiritual support team to actively participate in all the healing actitivity, and have a very clear picture in your mind of how you will feel, look and be with your healing completed fully.  You will be asked, at the time of your healing session, to enter a 'state of wellness'.

Your own spiritual support team and your Regeneration Healer will be joining you there, in a collective visionary state.  We have connections with each other, in the same way that any wave in any ocean is connected to all the other waves.  In this 'state of wellness' the only limits that appy, are any that you have brought with you - otherwise an unlimited healing experience is waiting for you.

A four day remote healing session is only $150 Australian.  Every healing session is offered with an 'It is done!' intention.  Remote healing sessions are a four consecutive day activity, culminating in a visualisation of the Temple of Regeneration Healing and a meeting with  'The Weaver' who offers a shamanic view of the healing adventure.  This may include spiritual surgery as required.

There is an alternative choice, to have a single remote healing session for $100 Australian.  Your personal guidance will direct you in making the choice about your session and its timing.

What do you do?

First, you email us at ken.healer@gmail.com to ask about healing. Or contact us through the contact form on this website.  Please put 'Healing' in the subject line of your email.

Explain the main intention for your healing session and select the day and time, in your time zone.  But you will have to tell us what time zone you are in.  If appropriate, you could attach a picture which will become the 'before' picture, later you can send the improved 'after' picture as part of your healing story.

If you wish to have the personal contact of a Skype healing session with Ken, in english and considering the time zones, we can arrange that for you.  

Ken is on Western Australian tim UTC + 8hours.

Calls of up to one hour are $100 Australian.

I will reply with an information form which explains the procedure and gives you some preparation to enhance your healing experience.  We begin the healing session on the day and time (in your time zone) that you choose, you are choosing a time, not just for convenience but a time when you intend to accept a miracle of healing, you get the benefits, you learn all over again, how to smile and enjoy your life.

Preparing for you healing session

Having a healing session can be an amazing transformational experience. You can enhance the experience and your outcome by the preparation you participate in.  The preparation we will suggest will include you nominating a 'sacred space' for your healing session, choosing a day and time, which is an appointment with the Creator and the time you have chosen to begin the process of accepting healing.  There will be other preparations specially intuited for you so that you have the best possible outcome.

The Cost

The universe operates on an 'energy exchange' basis, giving and receiving.  You are not paying for the healing, you are offering an exchange for the time, experience and care being applied to your situation.

Healing Sessions and Options

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