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Healing - The Handbook

Is the basic book of processes that enables readers to develop their own healing practice.  There have been amazing stories of readers having instant physical healing simply from holding the book.

That is the main reason why this book will not be sold as an e-book.

This book contains notes and precesses used in our international workshops with many more processes developed for specific situation and as a basis for you to develop your own processes for your own healing or to develop a healing and teaching practice.

During the eleven years we have been offering workshops, this work has evolved to become simpler and much more effective.  The book will be an invaluable healing and teaching tool and is really a do-it-yourself workshop, and companion you can refer to whil working on yourself or others.

When you hold the book, feel the power of it then sleep with it under your pillow - you will understand why it is not an e-book.  It needs to be a physical book and you need to be holding it in your hands.

An interactive exercis you might like to share.   Visulaise a copy of 'Healing - The Handbook' laying on a table in front of you, just out of reach.  Imagine stretching your arms out and bringing the book against your body.  How do you feel when you do that?  Does the book wannt to be in your life?

The 'new' thing that is happening is that people who have a copy of 'Healing - The Handbook' are finding that, if they hold the book (front cover toward their body), either over their heear chakra or the source of pain and make an intention that 'I am open to receive all the healing that this book holds for me' are getting astounding results.  Will you try?  Will you share your results?

To purchase the book go to the Amazon Online store for your country.